Import Cloud Resources to Terraform Control

Your Cloud As Code

Accelerate your Journey to Terraform Best Practices

Automate Terraform Best Practices

Automate Terraform Best Practices

For the best cloud security and compliance and posture, your entire cloud environment needs to controlled by Terraform (or another IaC tool). dragondrop automates the process of bringing all cloud resources under Terraform control, in a process that maximizes transparency, trust, and stability. 

Engineered for Security

Our scanning technology is self-hosted in your existing cloud environment. Recommended changes are pushed to your Version Control System via Pull Request. This means no information about your cloud posture ever leaves your existing tool sets.

Engineered for Security

What Sets Us Apart


Continuously Search for Rogue Resources

Set up chron-jobs to check your cloud for resources outside of Terraform control. When such resources are identified, open a Pull Request in your VCS with necessary changes. Coming Soon: Alerts via Slack.

Visual Summary of the State of Your Cloud

Each Pull Request includes a “State of Your Cloud” report to visually identify what parts of your cloud are living outside of Terraform control.

Intelligently Match Resources to Workspaces

With machine learning, dragondrop intelligently recommends the workspace by which Terraformed resources should be governed.

Generate New Resources as Terraform, With Matching Migration Statements

dragondrop generates structured Terraform configuration as code along with the corresponding migration statements needed for importing those resources.

Close the Loop on Resources Created Outside of Terraform Control

Coming Soon: With visibility into cloud audit logs, dragondrop can surface the entities and applications within your organization that are creating cloud resources outside of your Terraform workflow.

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