Import Cloud Resources to Terraform Control

Terraform Best Practices as a Pull Request

Automate Terraform Best Practices

Detect, Correct, and Prevent Terraform Drift

For the best cloud security and compliance posture, your cloud environment should match your Terraform configuration (and vice a versa) at all times. dragondrop brings all of your cloud resources under Terraform control, detects drift in controlled resources, and surfaces the root causes of drift.

Open Sourced and Self-hosted for Security is a managed offering for the open sourced cloud-concierge container. For all users, cloud-concierge instances are self-hosted in your cloud. Recommended changes are pushed to your Version Control System via Pull Request.

Engineered for Security
Cloud Cost visualizations

Cost Calculation and Security Scanning – within Your Existing Tool Set

You bring your current Terraform “stack”, and simply add the enterprise-grade features you need to build securely and confidently across your entire cloud footrpint.

What Sets Us Apart


Continuously Search for Uncontrolled and Drifted Resources

Managed chron-jobs check your cloud for resources outside of Terraform control and resources that have drifted from their Terraform configuration. When such resources are identified, open a Pull Request in your VCS with recommended changes.

Native Cloud Security Scans

Every cloud resource scanned is assessed for compliance with security best practices. If a cloud resources is not following secure practices, you’ll know about it. Powered by tfsec.

OSS & Self-Hosted

dragondrop coordinates the OSS cloud-concierge container within your own cloud and tools.

Native Cloud Cost Estimation

Get cost estimates on what is managed by Terraform, what is outside of Terraform, and the individual levers available for lowering resource costs. Powered by Infracost.

Identify Root Causes and Prevent Drift From Re-Occurring

Surface the users and service principals creating cloud resources outside of your Terraform workflow so that you can take the steps necessary to prevent drift from happening again.

Generate New Resources as Terraform, With Matching Import Statements or Blocks

Generate Terraform configuration along with the corresponding import statements. If using Terraform >1.5, generate matching import blocks.

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