Choosing the Right Infrastructure as Code (IaC) Tool – A Flow Chart

Feb 5, 2023Terraform

IaC Decision Flow Chart

Which Infrastructure as Code (IaC) Tool Should Your Organization Use?’s mission is to automate developer best practices while working with Infrastructure as Code. Our flagship product regularly scans and identifies resource changes that have occurred outside of a Terraform workflow (e.g. drift) so that dev teams can have a Cloud environment that is fully represented as code. All of our tools are self-hosted by our customers, with no data ever leaving their servers. To learn more, schedule a demo or get started today!

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Terraform Variable Management

We've previously discussed the syntax for creating variables within Terraform configuration. While this helps us with syntax, it leaves open questions about how variable values are actually passed into our Terraform workflow. CLI Specification When running terraform...

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What is Terraform? How Does Terraform Work?

What is Terraform? Terraform is the leading Infrastructure as Code (IaC) tool (see our article for a review of IaC). It is fully open-sourced, and managed by HashiCorp. Over 1000+ different infrastructure providers can be controlled via Terraform, and new providers...

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Quickstart: Writing Terraform

In this article we discuss how the basics of writing organized Terraform infrastructure configuration. Specifying Terraform's Configuration We recommend keeping a given Terraform module's requirements within their own file. Within, you can...

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