Why dragondrop?

Ensure that your cloud infrastructure is fully and accurately represented as Terraform with minimal manual toil, and implement best practices for your developer teams – all with an optimal security posture.

Manage your cloud infrastructure entirely as Terraform, stay ahead of cloud costs and security risks

Today, maintaining your entire cloud footprint as code is not just good practice, its a requisite for meeting common compliance standards and mitigating security risks.

From developers provisioning resources through the cloud console to application code spinning up resources, opportunities for resource creation outside of your Terraform workflow abound.

dragondrop regularly scans your cloud environment, identifies resources not currently under Terraform control and resources under Terraform control that have drifted and automates as much as possible the process of reflecting these resources accurately as code –  and preventing future lapses. This means opening a Pull Request (PR) in your VCS with generated Terraform configuration, migration statements, and reports highlighting gaps in your IaC posture.

Furthermore, each dragondrop Pull Request (PR) also outputs cloud cost calculations and identifies possible security risks in your cloud environment, so you can build confidently and securely.


What Sets dragondrop Apart?

Native Cloud Security Scans

Every cloud resource we scan is assessed for compliance with security best practices. If a cloud resources is not following secure practices, you’ll know about it. Powered by tfsec.

External REsources as Terraform, With Matching IMPORT Statements

Creating Terraform configuration for resources is only half the battle. Often times migrations are run manually through a CLI. With dragondrop, save migration statements as code within your VCS.

Native Cloud Cost AnalysIs

Consolidate tools with native cloud cost estimation. Break out costs by whether they are controlled by Terraform, and gain insights into cost levers for individual resources.

Fit within Your existing TerrAFORM Workflow

Once a dragondrop Job is configured and scheduled, developers receive all alerts, code recommendations, and visualizations through Slack and your VCS, respectfully.

Data Stays In Your Current Tools

No sensitive data leaves your existing systems. dragondrop is a container that lives within your cloud environment, and recommendations are output to your Version Control System (VCS).

Only Pay for What You Use

With unlimited users for every organization, only pay for the amount of configured jobs. Not sure if dragondrop is worth it? Get started with our forever free tier.

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