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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Job?

A Job is a single, managed cloud-concierge container within your public cloud environment. A Job can be tied to an unlimited number of cloud divisions and Terraform workspaces, and includes unlimited executions each month. A Job can make recommendations via pull request into a single code repository.

Are annual billing rates available?

Yes. Annual rates are “Buy 10 months Get 2 Free”. So for a “Growth” plan, the annual cost is $1,250 / year.  For enterprise support annual rates, please contact us.

What are professional services from dragondrop?

dragondrop can help you implement best-practice Terraform usage within your organization, leverage serverless, cloud native architectures, and more. Rates start at $110 / hour for assistance from our cloud-certified team.

How many jobs/cloud-concierge instances does my organization need?

The only hard constraint on a Job is that it can be output recommendations only to a single code repository. We recommend, however, creating one Job per logical grouping of infrastructure. This allows recommendations for different infrastructure groupings to be assigned to engineers with expertise in that particular grouping, and keeps recommendations relevant and focused for those reviewing them.

Infrastructure can be segmented by application, engineering team, cloud provider, or development environment. 

Is there a free trial?

Yes. We recommend getting started with our forever free tier. It allows for full functionality of a single provisioned Job and will always be free to use.

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